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Since its inception in 1983 Pro Elite Hockey has been dedicated to the development of the amateur hockey player. Using camps, clinics and training to improve their skills and reach their full potential as hockey players. Under the direction of Joe Lyons and his staff we have provided some of the top hockey players in North America the chance to develop their skills. Throughout the years Pro Elite Hockey has seen dozens of its players reach the professional level. With 12 players signing NHL contracts right from our camp. With our relocation to Naples FL, we are switching our focus to Roller Hockey. Whether you are playing roller hockey or ice hockey the goals are the same, developing young athletes to reach their full potential. Teaching and training to build character and instill discipline to self-motivate.  With the improvement of ones skills their confidence and self-esteem grows as their game improves. This also leads to better performance in game conditions. Watch as your young athlete becomes one of the teams or league’s best players.

The Naples Lions Roller Hockey travel team was created to give the students in our clinics game time experiences. It will not only help improve their understanding of the game and their skills but also offer them a life experience of travel and interactions in different environments. Please visit the Clinics page to view details about the Naples Lions Travel Team.

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